Share your AI
Here's how you can share your local language model with NeuroEngine's API:
  1. Obtain a key from the auth (contact
  2. Download and modify the template.
  3. Execute it. Now you are sharing your AI to the world. is free and don't censor or modify content published in any way. This site do not host any AI or weights.
You can keep your AI's weights private and confidential, and share it as a service.

Example Code:

Download from github:

from neuroengine import NeuroengineServer
service="MYGPT" #Replace with your service name
service_key="DEMOKEY" #Replace with your service key

def answerMessage(prompt):
    #Fill in your inference code here
    reply="This is the AI"
    return response

# Connect to server
# Login
if (server.login(service,service_key) <0):
    print("Error logging in.")
    print("Logged in!")
# Serve forever